The second of our 6-part installment highlighting the best players returning for the Power 5 conferences and the AAC is finally here. These players can be incoming recruits, but most of the players featured will be returning stars from previous seasons. 

We cover the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC), which is home to fourteen different programs and is home to multiple national champions. Clemson has dominated the conference in recent years and has been a national powerhouse, winning two national titles since 2016. Miami had dominant runs in the 1980’s and in the early 2000’s, but is rebuilding itself into a national contender. Florida State was a national champion in 2013 and was one of the teams who made the first ever playoff in college football. Georgia Tech appeared and dominated Mississippi State in their New Year’s Six bowl appearance in 2014. Virginia made a strong run to the Orange Bowl this past season, but fell short to a red-hot Florida team. 

The ACC is home to some of the best programs in the country and always fields two or three national contenders every season. The conference lies in a recruiting hotspot, which includes states like Florida & Georgia. This conference is loaded with talented players, which made this list extremely hard to make. Make sure to check out these players in the 2020 season, because these guys will be playing on Sunday in the near future. 

National Signing Day has passed and a sense of optimism is contagious; as programs across the country believe players in the most recent recruiting class will bring wins and championships to their schools. Regardless if you have the #1 class in the country or the #50 class in the country; fans & coaches will tell you that every player has the potential to be the next college football superstar.

Now whether that player has the potential or was completely overrated by analysts; the truth remains that most players will not win the heisman, but these players will lay the foundation of your program for 3-4 years into the future. You could have the next 3-star turned Heisman winner (Johnny Manziel) or you could have totally whiffed on a 5-star that had no real potential (Ryan Perrilloux).

Even the best programs in the country have recruited one of the best prospects in the current recruiting class and that player end up transferring and never playing a down in that uniform. We aim to cover some of these players here and highlight some of the most notorious busts in college football recruiting since 2010. As college football fans we all hope our team is not featured on this list in another 10 years, but the odds are not in our favor. 

On Sunday, November 3, 2019, Florida State Athletic Director, David Coburn, made the decision to fire head coach Willie Taggart. This decision comes just two and a half weeks after Coburn stated, seemingly out of the blue and unprovoked, that he would not hire Urban Meyer or Steve Spurrier even if Willie Taggart was hit by a bus. Well, this really made me take a step back and think about who Florida State WOULD decide to hire following this news about Taggart. 

Obviously, this statement by Coburn was absurd. I don’t believe that Meyer or Spurrier were ever really eyeing this position in the first place. So I don’t really know why Coburn had to throw Taggart under the bus, literally. 

With the news of Taggart getting the boot in Tallahassee, everyone in sports media has their opinions on who will be the next coach for the Florida State. I like to hold myself to a higher standard normally, but I couldn’t resist this opportunity. So here it is folks: my list of coaches that Florida State should target in their coaching search.

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