On October 25th, Joey Gatewood was “all in” for Auburn. It took exactly 5 days for Gatewood to be “all out” and announced he was leaving Auburn. The news that everybody expected to hear in early August finally struck The Plains of Auburn. This sent huge shockwaves throughout the college football landscape and triggered a lot of questions that have yet to be answered. Where will Gatewood transfer and what impact will he have on his new team? I attempt to answer these questions and speculate where Gatewood will take his talents (probably not South Beach if we are being honest). So I list the Top 5 landing spots for Gatewood below and talk about why these schools may be landing spots for Gatewood next season. 

  1. Florida: This may sound crazy, but Felipe Franks has expressed the idea of going pro after this season (I know; I think it is a bad idea too) after he recovers from his lower body injury. Kyle Trask is a redshirt junior, but will he come back after impressing NFL scouts this year? Gatewood is from Florida and widely flirted with staying in-state out of high school. This would be the perfect situation for Gatewood, since Mullen has a history of developing QBs. 
  1. Texas: Sam Ehlinger will not be around forever and may bolt to the NFL after this year. Apparently Texas must have a black QB to win according to Earl Campbell, so what is better than a 6’5 230 lbs QB that happens to be African American? There is not much depth in the QB room at Texas, which opens the door for Gatewood to start immediately. Another intriguing factor is facing BIG-12 defenses week in and week out. Gatewood would be an automatic heisman favorite and bring a lot of media attention to the great state of Texas. Just maybe, this is the move for Texas to be back. 
  1. Oregon: Justin Herbert is a senior and Oregon has been recruiting at a high level. The fond memories of Marcus Mariota are still fresh on every Oregon fan’s mind. So why not recruit a marcus Mariota on steroids in the 6’5 230 lbs Gatewood? Gatewood would fit perfectly in this system and would be an instant starter after Herbert graduates in the spring. The idea of dominating the PAC-12 and being the 2nd heisman winner in Oregon history has to be enticing for Gatewood. The head coach has SEC experience and is putting together a formidable defense; I think this may be the best option for Gatewood. 
  1. LSU: Joe Burrow will be off to the NFL this year and are we really expecting Myles Brennen to be the savior of this LSU offense? LSU took a huge step forward by using an offense that was not around in the 1920s. Why not continue the evolution and move to a more spread based attack with Gatewood at the helm? This LSU team would have its next superstar QB to pair with a revamped defense and be championship favorites from the jump. Plus, we all know LSU wants to beat Alabama more than anything and Saban’s kryptonite has been big, fast, athletic QBs and Gatewood is all of that and more. 
  1. Florida State: The last spot a lot of you guys may have thought, but this is where a lot of experts expected Gatewood to go. He is from the state of Florida and when he was coming out Florida State was in a lot better place than they stand today. The question is whether Gatewood wants to take on the challenge of rebuilding this program with a new coach. I honestly think this decision comes down to who Florida State hires and how Gatewood fits into the scheme and the culture. Watch out for Florida State as a dark horse for Gatewood’s services this spring. 


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