Since entering the world of sports media, I have realized a handful of things. The most important lesson that I’ve learned is that everyone wants to read some random internet guy’s opinion on any situation that comes up. Lucky for all of you, I have a surplus of free time and a laptop. You don’t have to thank me now, just sit back, relax, and indulge in my expert opinion on this topic. 

So the College Football Playoff committee finally crawled out of their caves just after Week 10 to deliver their ever-anticipated initial rankings, and they were shocking, to say the least. 

Clemson being left out of the top four at this point in the season seems absurd to some, and fitting to others. I mean let’s look at the facts: Clemson is undefeated but they suffer due to their “strength of schedule”, if you can call it that. Another shocker to a lot of people was that Ohio State claimed the top position in this poll. This leaves LSU and Alabama at 2 and 3, respectively. Kind of takes the life out of this weekend’s matchup between the two SEC giants. 

The list was scattered with several other inconsistencies and placings that left fans around the country speechless. Penn State rolled in at 4, an undefeated Baylor team at 12, undefeated Minnesota at 17, and a three loss Oklahoma State team at 23. I was left dumbfounded, upset even. I got little sleep last night, and for that reason I am able to present you with an updated College Football ranking for those of you who were upset with the Playoff committee’s incompetence. So here goes nothing: 

1. LSU

LSU has the most proven résumé at this point in the season. They have wins over Texas, Florida, and Auburn to name a few. This weekend’s matchup against Alabama will prove a lot about both of these teams this weekend.

2.  Alabama

What else can I say here other than you’re welcome. That’s right folks, we’re getting that 1 vs 2 matchup we have all been so heavily anticipating this weekend and it’s all thanks to me. 

3.  Georgia

SEC Dominance.

4. Florida

SEC Dominance.

5.  Auburn

SEC Dominance.

6. Texas A&M

SEC Dominance.

7. Missouri

SEC Dominance.

8.  South Carolina

SEC Dominance.

9.  Tennessee

SEC Dominance.

10. Kentucky

SEC Dominance.

11. Mississippi State

SEC Dominance.

12. Ole Miss

SEC Dominance.

13. Vanderbilt

SEC Dominance.

14. Arkansas

SEC Dominance.

15. Ohio State

Chase Young, JK Dobbins, Justin Fields. Need I say more? This is one of the most complete teams in the nation, so certainly that deserves a top 15 spot in this poll.

16. Clemson

Sure, Trevor Lawrence may throw more complete passes to the other team than his own. Sure they almost dropped a game to North Carolina. Sure, they have no quality wins. But they are the reigning NCAA Champs and that deserves respect.

17. Penn State

Undefeated in the second best conference in football. That deserves.. something?

18. Baylor

Back to the “greatness” of the RG3 era without the scandals(hopefully). Sure, they haven’t played Texas or Oklahoma yet. But they beat beat West Virginia! Nostalgia is playing a little bit of a factor here.

19. Minnesota

The Golden Gophers (their ACTUAL mascot) are off to a hot 8-0 start in the Big Ten…West… And they haven’t played Wisconsin yet.. Enjoy it while you can.

20. Utah

Utah is looking strong at this point in the season, sitting at 7-1. Their one loss was to USC and the golden arm of third string quarterback, Matt Fink. Whom amongst us can really blame this Utah team for that loss?

21. Oregon

Had to dock them a few spots here because the head of the Playoff Committee is their Athletic Director. Hmm…

22. Oklahoma

A loss to Kansas State doesn’t bode too well for the Sooners. A broken wagon was indicative of how well the second half of your season would start out. Good luck making the playoff after that, Boomer (Sooner).

23. Wisconsin

Wisconsin, I had high hopes for you. And your dreams are still alive! All you have to do is beat Ohio State and Minnesota, and pray that Minnesota are the frauds we all know they are. Then *BOOM* you walk to the Big Ten championship.

24. Michigan

A big loss to Wisconsin and a loss to Penn State are going to work against Michigan in this one. However, a huge win against Notre Dame works wonders for the Wolverines and lands them at 24.

25. UCF

Still relevant.


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