If you’re reading this, that means you made it. It is finally January 13, 2020, which makes today the greatest day in the history of the world. You may be wondering why, but let me tell you: Today is the day that Clemson will win the NCAA Division One Championship for the second year in a row and their third championship in four years.

I can hear the critics now, as I’m writing this. “Brandon, this will probably be a really good game” or  “Brandon, LSU’s offense is the best in college football” and you know what I have to say to those people? You obviously haven’t been paying attention this season. Clemson is the best team in college football and it isn’t close. This team is playing angry with a chip on their shoulder.

I’ve compiled a list of reasons why Clemson is destined to win the National Championship tonight. All irrefutable evidence here, so don’t even try it. 

Clemson is Playing with a Chip on their Shoulder

We all know Clemson has a chip on their shoulder going into this game. They are the team that no media outlet is talking about. And how did I come to that conclusion? Well, every time that I turn ESPN on I hear a conversation about how no one talks about Clemson. 

Not only this, but they have been treated with disrespect ever since they were selected to play in this year’s College Football Playoff. I mean just look at the series of events. First, they were an undefeated team hailing from the dominant ACC. How undefeated teams in the Big Ten and SEC placed ahead of the Undefeated ACC team. Just insane.

And the list goes on. They had a dominant blowout win over Ohio State in the Fiesta Bowl. I mean this game wasn’t even close and the referees called a totally fair game! All across the country Ohio State fans are crying because of the way the game was called. But I mean deal with it. Everyone knows that you need to take more than four steps with the ball firmly in your grasp for it to be considered a catch.

Somehow it doesn’t stop there either. Just this past Saturday Clemson was forced to practice in the ballroom of the team hotel hours after a storm passed through New Orleans. They definitely had no choice in the matter. How is this fair? The classy thing for LSU to do in this situation would have been to allow Clemson to use the indoor practice facility that they booked for the week. Clemson booked Tulane’s outdoor stadium for practice in one of the rainiest times of the year. Someone please tell me how Clemson was supposed to know that it might rain this week. I’ll wait. So Clemson, in turn, had to conduct their walkthrough practice in shells in the Ballroom of a Hilton. Disgusting. We all know the old saying, “Poor planning on Clemson’s behalf constitutes an emergency on LSU’s.”

So, if you ever forget that Clemson is playing with a chip on their shoulder, just watch any of Dabo Swinney’s interviews from this season.

Clemson Dominates Every Position Battle

You read that right. Every single one. I mean you can look wherever you want on the field. Let’s take quarterback, for instance. Trevor Lawrence is better than Joe Burrow, plain and simple. I mean one of these quarterbacks had a record breaking season in several categories and capped the year off with winning the Heisman trophy. That’s right, you guessed it: Trevor Lawrence. Joe Burrow is a bum, everyone knows it. He really fell off after last year. While he is doing much better since the middle of the season, he could never even be in the same conversation as Trevor Lawrence. I mean, who else could beat the juggernaut Texas A&M Aggies by two touchdowns? Trevor Lawrence, you are a very deserving Heisman Trophy winner.Screen Shot 2020-01-13 at 1.42.55 PM

Screen Shot 2020-01-13 at 1.43.13 PM

But this isn’t where this argument ends either! I mean let’s take the coaching staffs for instance. On one end you’ve got the 2019 Consensus National Head Coach of the year along with the 2019 Assistant of the Year. Dabo Swinney might as well kiss a few babies, that’s the only way anyone could love this guy any more. He is a true motivator and always just plays with the hand he was dealt. I cannot recall one instance where this guy complained about the circumstances that he landed in. This coaching staff is deep though. Everyone has been talking about this guy all season long. Clemson’s passing game coordinator, Jeff Scott. I mean what a great, young talent this guy is. Honestly, I’m shocked that he has agreed to sign a 3 year deal with this team. He very well could have scored a head coaching job this offseason.

Then we have LSU. We have Coach Ed Orgeron (who?) who no one can even understand. I mean how do you expect anyone to be motivated by you if they can’t understand you? From what I hear, LSU boosters and fans cannot stand this guy and he has really just run the program into the ground. But that’s a conversation for another day. For now let’s focus on their real downfall: Joe Brady. Honestly Brady is holding this team back. The implementation of a spread offense on this team was a mistake, and one that will not come without consequences. I doubt we will ever hear from this guy again after this game.

LSU Has Nothing To Play For

Let’s start with the basics. LSU is a perennial powerhouse who has found themselves in the playoff for five of the six years that the playoff has been around. Of those five visits, they have won two. Some are even saying that their so-called “dynasty” is coming to an end. I don’t know for sure, I think that they have a few more great seasons under their belt, but nothing like what they have seen recently. 

Clemson has the obvious advantage when it comes to location here. I mean the venue is an hour away from their campus. They are definitely going to want to show out for, basically, a home crowd. LSU is travelling nearly 600 miles to play this game. Can you say jet lag? Geez, I would hate to be in their shoes. 

To finish this off, Clemson has everything to prove in this game because of the magnitude of the recruiting classes they’ve had in the past few seasons. I mean their starting quarterback was a four star out of high school who transferred there after playing as a backup for 3 seasons at Ohio State. This guy has everything in the world to prove. Not only this, but Clemson’s second best wide receiver (still has more receiving yards and touchdowns than LSU’s leading receiver LOL), Justin Jefferson, was a two star coming out of high school. LSU’s team is scattered with five star talent at every position. So I’ll have to side with the underdog, Clemson, in this category as well


Regardless of what happens, I think the stage is set for an incredible national championship. Both teams have played very well this season, but one team stands out above the other in EVERY category.

My score prediction:

Clemson over LSU 77-0


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