It is only February, which leaves about 6 months until the first snap of the 2020 season, but it is never too early for season previews. This will be the first installment of The Bluebloods’ Top Players for all Power 5 conferences (Plus the AAC). These players can be freshmen, but a majority are returning stars from last season and are projected to make a serious impact on college football. 

We start with the American Athletic Conference (AAC), which is home to twelve different programs and has boasted multiple New Year’s Six Bowl appearances in recent years. UCF appeared in the Peach Bowl (2018) & Fiesta Bowl (2019) going 1-1 against Auburn and LSU. Houston had a huge victory in the Peach Bowl (2015) over Florida State, while this past season Memphis represented the conference in the Cotton Bowl and lost a tough game to Penn State. This conference has superb athletes that seem to stay under the radar due to their programs lack of national prominence, but I hope to shed some light on these players with this article. 

The 2019 season is officially over, but now it is time to reflect on an amazing season filled with outstanding moments and outstanding games. We will start by reflecting on the best games from this past season, which all contributed to this being one of the most exciting seasons of college football that I can remember. This was one of the hardest posts to write due to the large amount of games that deserve some mention when talking about this topic. These games will be replayed on ESPN & YouTube by a lot of fans and I highly recommend going back and watching these games if you love college football because these games showcase why this is the greatest sport in the world.

Once again, the picture. The picture… I’m just out of them. I’m using the pictures of the actual game for the blog, so relax.  Let’s get this started though.


Press Box

So I finally find my way to the Press Box after dealing with almost everyone who was working the event. I get on the world’s oldest elevator (I’m assuming) and we slowly creep up two stories to where I am supposed to be.

Ya know, it’s actually kind of funny that I say I found where I was supposed to be. I don’t necessarily want to out myself right now, but I will try to give you guys the gist of what happened. I will not use specific names in the following paragraphs in an attempt to not dox anyone. To preface this, I cannot confirm that this was what happened to me. My lawyer has advised me against talking about my own, personal experience in the next few paragraphs. So for the next few paragraphs, I have fictionalized an account of what may happen to a person the first time that they find themself in a press box.

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Before you ask, I’m running out of cover photos, okay? Deal with it.

On Saturday, January 25, 2020, I was given the opportunity to cover the Senior Bowl in depth. If you follow the podcast (link to the right) or this blog whatsoever, you already know this. Also, if you have been following this series at all, you’ve probably realized that I did not post a recap for Thursday, so I will do a quick recap of Thursday’s North Team practice before I get into my game recap and notes.


North Team Practice

So Thursday was kind of a slower day. I mentioned in my previous blog that it was raining all day on Thursday so practice had to be moved across town to the University of South Alabama’s “indoor” practice facility. I use quotations there because, well, just look for yourself.

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So I have gone another day where I was not stripped of my media credentials, so it was a good day. I’m still out there with writers and reporters from The Athletic, ESPN, etc. So when I introduce myself to media, or even other members of the media, I get looks when I tell them that I am with The Bluebloods College Football. But that’s fine, I have nowhere to go but up, really. 

Let’s go ahead and get into the meat of it. Wednesday was my biggest day yet, so let’s get started. 

One last note that I’ll make before I get into it is that I’m going to leave times off from here on out. Trying to keep time in mind when writing these articles is very confusing because, believe it or not, I am not constantly checking my watch while I am at these practices.

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Senior Bowl week is in full swing and I’ve never felt more out of place in my life. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, I love seeing giant media companies all around me. 

I just needed to get this off my chest. Something about The Bluebloods being in the same room as a mix of NFL Scouts, Pro Football Focus, USA Today, and others is just surreal. I never thought that I would be in this position, it’s really a blessing.

That’s really all I’m going to say to preface this, I’m done being sentimental. Let’s get down to business. 

(Senior Bowl Coverage begins at 11:30am)

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On Monday January 20, 2020, I was granted access to the introductory press conference for the 2020 Senior Bowl Game. Rather than giving you guys a rundown, I’m going to give you a summary of events from the day, and this is more than likely how I will deliver my recaps for the week. Somehow, I feel like this is more interesting than simply relaying the notes that I take every single day. I mean, If I could do that by posting pictures of my notes. Now, my notes aren’t necessarily “legible” or “important to the game” or even “good”, so I’m going to give all of you the play by play from Brandon’s Monday at Senior Bowl Week. (Press conference content is between 5:30pm and 6:30pm)

12:30pm – I pick up my Credentials

I finally roll up to the hotel where the players and important people are staying (so not me). I walk in, wander around for a minute, then finally find the media check-in desk. I ask for my credentials, receive them, then I think about leaving to go back home. The reason that I am only thinking about going back home is because players are just walking all over the place at this point. I kick myself for not bringing my laptop or notepad with me. 

It’s at this point that I give Zach, my co-host, a call to tell him what’s going on. He suggests that I go home quickly, grab my laptop, then come back to try and score an interview or two. Easy enough. I head back home.

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  1. USC (2019: 8-5)

Impact Returning Players: Kedon Slovis (QB) & Tyler Vaughns (WR)

USC had a lot of ups and downs last season, but that is to be expected with a true freshman QB. Clay Helton will have a lot of talent returning from a very young 2019 team that was 1 win away from the PAC-12 championship. Due to some recruiting struggles for this team, optimism should be contained until further notice. A ridiculous schedule with games against 3 teams in the Top 10 (Alabama, Oregon, & Notre Dame) of this poll might limit the ceiling for this team.

Slovis.jpegKedon Slovis throws pass in 2019 Holiday Bowl. (Source: LA Times)

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By this point, I know what you’re all thinking. And yeah, I can also recognize how things might look right now. I’ll go ahead and answer your question. At this point in time I might be an LSU beat writer. Is that a crime? I mean they just won a National Championship and completed (one of) the greatest college football season(s) of all time. Sue me. 

Now it’s time to address the situation at hand. Obviously Odell Beckham Jr. is the center of an NCAA controversy right now and LSU fans are fast to disown their former favorite wide receiver. Sure, there were times that I was curious why OBJ was in the middle of everything during this championship run. I was never really a critic of him, during this run, but I’ve found that I am the minority here.

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1. LSU (15-0; SEC Champion; National Champions)

The most dominant team in recent memory capped off their memorable season with a national championship win over Clemson. This team had an improbable run to a perfect record, in which the Tigers beat 7 teams that were ranked inside the Top-10 at some point of the season. This team became the first in CFB history to beat the top four teams in the preseason AP poll and to make it even more impressive beat these teams by an average of 21 points. Burrow led these Tigers to one of the most impressive seasons in CFB history and I do not think this ranking can be debated.

LSULSU celebrates their 4th National Championship. (Source: New York Times)

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